For my first post to the forum, I think I'd do something a little different than others. I have a Dave Mustaine Rust In Peace that I absolutely love, but I was thinking my next guitar should be more solo oriented. Then Im taking it one step further. I want to take an ESP MH-327 (27-fret/Floyd Rose) and give it a blackout neck position and a dimebucker bridge. What do you guys think?
its called pickup swapping pairing You can wire it if you know what youre doing

edit: I guess youre talking about using a 6 pole pickup for a 7 string?
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I'm envious of your rust in peace guitar. It sounds like it would be pretty crazy with those pickups, just something to note is that the dimebucker is really thin sounding and passives don't really mix with actives. Look at the start of the 'which pups' thread, there's some info on mixing the two. Basically it's difficult and something to avoid. I'd go with both blackouts or some livewires or something over the dimebucker.