Hello everyone! This is my first post here.

Anyways. I already have an Epiphone special II cheep starter guitar which I have enjoyed, but its time to move on.

I like to play rock mostly on the electric. I don't play jazz, for most other songs the acoustic suits better.

The following are guitars I have been considering

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra-II
Ibanez EGEN8 Herman Li Signature Electric Guitar
Kramer Striker Custom FR-424CM

I like the les paul ultra II because of the 2 outputs

I like the egen8 because it has a decent trem, three pickups(double single double) the custom cuts especially. The cut out that makes it easier to hit the 24th fret.

I like the kramer because of the triple pickups, the trem, and the price.

I need help deciding. Please give me your thoughts feel free to suggest any other electric guitar as well.
Budget? Specific influences/sounds you're going for?

Rock is a huge genre and there's a big difference between $500 and $1000.
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Im not at the 1000 dollar range. I just want a good electric 3 pickup guitar with a decent trem that is going to last and Im not gonna have problems with. I want to practice playing most rock songs. Need to get better at the solo's
I'm still learning I can't really answer a question like that. I want to practice most everything. My budget range is up to 800 max I can't afford a 1000 - 3000 dollar guitar yet, and even if I was given one I don't think I would be able to tell the difference. What I am looking for is just a good guitar with whamy that I can continue practicing on for years before its time to upgrade.
PRS SE Either the singlecut or custom may suit you or if not maybe some sort of HSS Strat, i have the Mexican deluxe Lonestar and i love it, for rock and blues it's great. Plus both the PRS and the fender are $200 under budget which is a start to saving up towards a nice amp for yourself which shapes your tone more than the guitar. Hope this helps

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Personally I'd jump on a good Kramer in that range for 3 p-up stuff, but try them out first.

E: Also, an Ibanez prestige would probably go used for under $800 and if you have some leftover you can switch out the p-ups.
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Im a die hard LP fan, but I would go with the LP or the Ibanez. The Epi Les Paul Black Beauty is around $800 I think. Its pretty sick and will last you.
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(lol, think I like epis?)
Guitar Center doesn't have Kramers so trying one is out of the question.

The only thing I don't like about les pauls is no whamy.
epi sherraton 2 is what i would tell you to get awesome guitar it can do everything i have even got mine to sound strat-ish when nessiscary