Ok I made a thread earlier About PSP Go connection problem. but now i figured it out. Ok when i scan for wifi networks on my PSP it shows my wifi in a grey/black color and it says security not supported and it showed my neighbors wifi in white and Showed either WEP or None under security and allowed me to click on it and asked for a pass code. so i went to my computer and looked at the router settings and the devices . it showed my PC with a WPA 2 supported setting and my Netager router with a not supported under its security. So how do i change my router security to a WPA or WEP Security Support
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Every router is different. In general though your router will have an ip address you can type into your browser which will open it's interface. From there, use the manual that came with your router.

Google your router model to get the ip address or look in the manual.
Go to the address bar in your browser, type in

In most cases, it will take you to your router setup, regardless of your IP address.
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^It can often be a different number. Plenty have it written underneath, or at least in the manual. It's all pretty easy after that though.
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Change from WPA to WEP at your own risk man. WEP has a lot less security than WPA. There's a reason newer routers utlise WPA.
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