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Are You Sure? - Sweet synths, love the envelop filter guitar tones you got. Reminds me of the new stuff The Strokes has out. Great vocals. Overall very fun to listen to

What You Did - I thought the drum sound was a little thin, but makes a pretty good rythymic background to everything so it doesn't matter. The slapping bass is awesome and has super good tone. Guitars could use a bit more push to the forefront. Really cool synths on this one. Solo is really weird, I like it. Good stuff.

Overall really good, I'd definitely listen to this. Keep it up.
Are you sure ? is a fine track,reminds me of King Crimson in a ideas,clever melodic arrangements.I do like the vocals,sounds mechanical and sung with confidence.
Overall a nice modern track for the masses !
What you did : Nice beginning, building up to the vocal part, which is very good indeed.
Well done, the bass is stunning,love the dynamics and the slides.
Keep up the good work :-)
Are you sure?: Sounded a little artificial for my taste in the start, but after everything else came in, it seemed to fit so it was alright. I like the style more and more as the song progresses, though I think the vocals could use a little work in places. Otherwise, they really sound well sung and fit the music well.

What You Did: I liked everything in this, except the vocals seemed off from everything else. The instruments and synths had a really nice vibe to them though. Liked the solo too, good song.
Thanks for critique

Are you sure?: I didn't like all synths parts, though sound of the guitar is nice and solo is not bad.

What you did: I liked it more, together with synths, and basically I'm not fun of synths.

Everything is solid and I prefer this two songs than last two I reviewed "An Avalanche" and "Bad Force". Keep up the good work.

Are You Sure? - Structure and tone is nice, vocals aren't my thing and they seem a bit overpowered in the mix. Solo is...quirky? either way its pretty cool, the synths sound good and compliment the atmosphere well. Low end seemed a little lacking to me, but then again this is not my area of expertise.

What You Did - Drums seemed a little thin, the weird effects in the beginning are a cool touch - Liked that. Some synths seemed a little off, one in the beginning had a little too much air in it I think. Mix is good, slap bass sounds great. Vocals, like before aren't really my personal preference so I can't say much. Solo was nice, tone sounded a bit plastic though, don't know if that makes any sense. Maybe a little less on the mid and a bit more gain.
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Are You Sure: Pretty cool. I liked the guitar and synth a lot. The vocals aren't really my style, and I didn't care for them, but some people probably like them.

What You Did: The bass in this song's sweet. The drums got on my nerves a little, haha. I dig your guitar tones in this one, it reminds me of the 80's pop-rock tones I've heard sometimes. I honestly HATE the vocals on this one. Just being 100% honest. Besides the vocals though, it's pretty good.
fun songs. i think both could have greatly benifited from a better more prominent bass line. i also think you need to lay off the delay some. both songs are just washed in delay which obscures some of the parts. you also use other fx on top of the delay which would have sounded better and more interesting if they weren't lost in the shuffle. as mentioned the drum sound on the 2nd song could have used some spiffing up. as i said the songs were fun and i did enjoy them.
Are you sure....

this is interesting...has that early 80's synth feel/groove to it. i'd like to do a funky little tune with the ol' lecky stuff.

what you did.....

nice sound on the bass....i'm liking the guitar on this track. drums could do with a boost like someone had already said before hand.

both tracks are cool very retro and i enjoyed em both.
Thanks for the crit.

Are You Sure: Cool vibe. I'm digging the close harmony on the vocals. Your synth patches are pretty sweet. I like the guitar lead itself, but the tone doesn't totally fit the the rest of the music; it seems a bit too raw.

What You Did: The repetitive bass lick is really hypnotic. Modulation the guitars is pretty perfect for the song. You pulled off the creepy vocals very well, though they could stand to have to volume of the slapback delay turned down. This reminds me a lot of The Cure and Tears for Fears. Definitely good stuff.

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I really liked "are you sure?" Especially when the wah guitar came in. I think the vocals were a tiny bit off at times, but overall good. I have to disagree with the above poster about the guitar tone, I actually thought it was a nice contrast to the electronic feel.

It reminded me of Depeche Mode for some reason. Not 100% sure why. Great job though, I don't really know what else I can say. It was a nice, tidy piece. Well done
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I do like that filter guitar on the first one. Your vocal is heavy with Numanesque glissando, which always annoyed me to some extent. Synth-heavy, interesting. I feel like there's a bit much going on at times.

The second one... Thats a pretty Sh*tty drum sound for 'hard rock'. I really don't care for this one, it sounds like an attempt at the stereotypical 80's effect-laden sound, but falling flat because the drums and bass are not nearly 'big' enough. The synth, because of the tiny drum sound, is pretty cheesy.
are you sure?
the synth parts goes along well with the guitar solo,i like your let-it-all-out voice..

i think it can b improved by putting in some dynamics in terms of music and melody,
so it won't sound flat..

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Thanks for checking out my song, Aaron! These songs are a little out of my style too, but I'll try!

Are you sure?: My first impression of this song was tainted a good bit by the wonky sounding synths. It sounded put together in Garageband using loops or something. I know it wasn't, but that's the impression I got. As the song progressed, I was able to get used to it and dig it. I like the drum beat, and though it's very static, it's quite solid, carries the song forward perfectly, and I think is expected from this sort of music. The vocals are actually quite nice, I thought! I really dislike these seemingly monotonous, speak-singing vocals, but yours were very pleasing, and super catchy! I think the guitar parts were a highlight in this track, and really blended in well, which is an accomplishment when most of the track is electronic.

What You Did: Slap bass! I ****ING LOVE slap bass! The guitar work at the beginning is just fantastic. Spacey and creates a really cool vibe. When the lead synth comes in around 1:20, it's a killer sound. The vocals in this song are really weak, especially compared to the previous one. They don't fit the mood at all, in my opinion. They're harsh, and this song is such a bouncy groove, it really clashes. The delay on them needs to be mixed down as well.

Overall, both of these songs are written in a way that I find boring and silly, though you heard my know what I like, and it's definitely different than this, haha! You have a lot of songs in here, and two songs for review in this thread, so I can assume that you work really quickly, and if you work this fast and produce songs that sound this solid, you've got a very enviable talent. Though the songs themselves are forgettable, when you take each individual track, it's easy to find something really enjoyable about every part. If this is the kind of music you like, then I'd be really content if I were in your shoes.

Thanks again!
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On Are You Sure, the vocals are too loud. They are way too jarringly loud once they come in, but otherwise you have a really different, cool sound going on there. Really dig it.

What you did, the levels are overall a lot better, but I find that composition-wise Are You Sure is more interesting.
Sorry for not leaving feedback, I stopped checking that thread because I thought it died, anyway,
Are you sure?: this isn't my style, but it is recorded pretty well. Good synths, vocals kinda weird to the genre but if thats what your going for it sounds pretty good. Overall nice song
What you did: like others said drums need thickening up. I liked the intro. Maybe raise the vocals up some. the umm i think xylophone keyboard thing was a bit too loud. The guitar solo around 2:10 sounded a little out of tune? Or were you trying to do that? either way its just the recording, the songs really good so once you fix it up it should sound great. Again, sorry for not replying from the other thread.
Are you sure: Very interesting synth & effects. As already stated, the vocals overpower the mix a ton and are just weird. The guitar solo is unique but fits quite well. Overall, pretty good. A little tweak on the vocals and it could be a lot better.

What you did: The drums feel weak in the mix but fit. The bass is very repetitive and just pops out. Guitars could use a little more behind them. Vocals are hard to understand. Still, with a little tweaking, could be good.

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Wo, your stuff is pretty psychedelic but you're damned good at it. Very good production; the drums were super funky throughout.

The vocals suited the music and I'm just very impressed by the sonic landscapes you create.
Thanks for the crit!

Are you sure:
- cool psychedelic feel you got going on here,
- vocals are LOUD! but otherwise quite catchy.
- I guess I don't listen to much of this style of music, but the synths did seem a bit overbearing, I would prefer some more natural instruments to sneak in there perhaps just a little but i guess that's just preference
- the percussion section was really well done in general though.

What you did:
- the cymbal that accentuates the bass - the splash or whatever is annoying
- bass riff is pretty awesome though
- overall nice texture/ feel it's cool. Your songs definitly have a similar vibe
- the vocals are a bit funny, but could totally work I think. The song has a feeling of being perhaps a little too slow, perhaps because the drums aren't hard hitting enough. That bassline definitely lends itself to some hard rock drums.
- guitars are nice, the main theme is great too.

I actually preferred 'what you did' , they are both great though. I'd say fix the mix in the first and maybe consider changing the drums in the second.

Hope this helps.
Sounds cool man. Not normally the sort of stuff I'd listen to, but it's really well produced and very cool experimental stuff there - interesting synths too. From what I've heard though, there are some small bits that aren't quite 100% tight, unless this is the desired effect? The vocals are interesting too, especially how they're mixed for the style. Well done, keep it up
Are you sure? - Gave me the chills in the beginning! I LOVE IT!! The vocals could need a tiny bit of cleaning up, and then it would be very good. That's all I have to say about it.

What you did - I found the intro a bit annoying to begin with. But after listening to it a couple of times I started liking it. The vocals can be a bit too much though.. I liked "Are you sure" more, but not a bad song!

Please, if you have time, I'd appreciate if you'd check out this:

What You Did - seems like there's a lot of space sonically in this song, which would be fixed by side chain compression of the drums, and adding some reverb to fill it up but not too much that you can hear it. But I really like the song! Just try not to have things too thin as someone above me suggestted. Great song though!
Are you sure? : Very unique style, good use of all the instruments as well, vocals took a while to get used to but they are good, a little too high in the mix though.
Overall great song, really different

What you did: Slap Bass AAAH , still need to get into that stuff i still play my bass with a pick >.< anyway, great vibe man, again good and unique use and sound of all the instruments, this is better mixed as Are you sure, drums could use a little more kick though but thats it.
Another good song man good job!
Are You Sure?:

I INSTANTLY liked it. right away, i could feel the beat pump in me. and i especially like the guitar solo in it .... nothing overly fancy and over the top, but perfect in the motion of the song's theme! i enjoyed the vocals too! Only thing I would critique is that maybe it sounds a little too 'synth'ed as a whole, you know? of course, if that is the effect you're going for, then great!! but i'm more of an old fashioned guy i guess hahha ... i like my raw guitar/bass/drums mix lol. but seriously great song though!

What You Did:
whoops .... try that again ....

What You Did:

I liked this song a lot too! I'm not sure what to critique about it, cuz it seems nice and solid to me .... but maybe the same thing as "Are You Sure", in the sense that it feels almost too electronic. but again ... if that's what you're going for, then this is a great tune too!

Check out my sig links .... but more specifically, check out my first song too and let me know what you think!
Are you sure:
loved, loved, loved the Solo. Fits very well with composition. The synths sound subtle, but in a good way. Also liked the doubling of vocals. Good stuff!

What You Did
Pretty awesome arrangement, yet i find vocals having a bit too much reverb... making it a little disconnected from music. As far as the music - awesome stuff. Loved the bass on this one!
I remember reviewing some of your other tracks, good to see you still around. Are You Sure has some great tones, as mentioned above, and I really like the general mood. The vocals however, sound like they're being masked on purpose to make up for a low quality recording, which if that is true, you can't do anything more than buy a better mic. On the otherhand, if you were going for that harsh effect, I'd say you're lacking some warmth on them, too much treble, and high mids and not enough mud. That's an opinionated mix issue though, the song as a whole sounds great to me.

On the second one, the first intro guitar riff is crazy good, reminds me of some shoegaze meets grunge ish. The drums sound a tad fake however. The vocal thing applies to this too, but it's still a great track. I'm assuming you're using an AMP sim?
Both really good tracks. I really like the vocal on 'Are you Sure?' although the are a bit loud in the mix. Guitar solo is cool its a good song.
I also really like 'What You Did' but the drums could sound a lot meatier. I don't know what people are saying about the solo being out of tune. It sounds perfectly fine to me.
Overall two very good songs!
are you sure

FUN TEXTURE! FLOOMP. The sounds are pleasing and fresh. Fun riffs and things. Excited to see if there will be vocals. A lil breakdown, ok.. might lose interest unless something happens soon. VOCALS!

hahaha YES the vocals are great. This is so ****ing dope man. It's like talking heads or some shit good job. I appreciate your originality.

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Thanks for the reviews, I appreciate it. On "What You Did", electric bass is just a Yamaha RBX260 straight into the recorder with no amp models or effects! Synths are Arturia Analog Factory & Prophet V for "Are You Sure?", and Korg TR-Rack for "What You Did". All guitar parts have amp modeling: PodXT for "Are You Sure?" and Roland COSM on "What You Did". My guitar solos don't sound out of tune to me, but maybe I need my brain re-calibrated. Songs were mixed on headphones, so the mix may not suit everyone. Yep, I like echo/delay & synths, probably more than most people. Would side chain compression work on a sampled gated-reverb drum sound?
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Songs were mixed on headphones, so the mix may not suit everyone.
The point of a good mix is having it sound good on everything. Not just headphones.
i like both of these songs, they are unlike anything i listen to so it's hard for me to critique because i can't quite say i "get it". there are definately some guitar parts in there i would like to hear some balls behind, maybe another guitar track with a really gritty bassy distortion over some of it. the vocals need a little work i think, and what ever that synthy flute sound is is too loud
I will crit as I listen-im more honest that way!

Are you sure-Nice sound, incubus-y that is until the indie drums are in. Vocals are spacey as hell and I actually love it. Guitar riff is very nice. Very good tone. Its way more stone roses like now and although I dig it I kind of feel that the sound has been done better. I still think you guys are really good, just maybe change things up a little, the drums are starting to get a little too repetitive IMO.

Points to consider: Differing drums, a break down? Im a sucker for a weird structure, maybe im just being too anal but as the tempo/mood/ structure stays the same it is a little tiresome.

I will listen to the other songs in a second and Crit accordingly but in the meantime


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