So, over this last year or so, I've been singing a lot more (mostly during my 1.5-2hr semi-weekly drives). I'm trying to get myself to a point where I can sing well enough to perform if needed, but mostly just to help in writing vocal music.

Here's my issue, I'm pitchy (for lack of better terms). What I've been told to do is to sing scales, however, I tend to sing them a bit off pitch. Now, how do I go about correcting myself? I mean, it sounds right to me, but I'm not often spot on.

Second, how do you transition from singing along with another vocalist (i.e. singing with the record) to singing alone?

Thanks, guys!

By the way, there's 2 recordings of me singing fairly simple songs on my profile, just to give you an idea.
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Sing with a piano
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Piano singing pretty much corrects it. Try solfege and understanding the difference in jumps from note to note, it may help.