i find thousands of metalcore and death metal bands!
is this the music of these times?
how come i dont see blues based metal, thrash, power, groove?
Core genres have become much more prevalent, but bands of other strings of metal are absolutely there; you may just have to run some searches and look for them a little more actively if you'd like results.
Metalcore attracts a lot people apparently, all of my friends say thats the first sub-genre they heard.
i think it's just because most people who like -core are probably relatively younger, and younger people have a greater presence on the internet (so it seems like they are everywhere).
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Well, it's because kid's (like me) are influenced and listen to these genre's because their new. I for one am in a Deathcore band but we like to mix it up a bit. We play modern covers of the classics and it helps keep them alive. That is why I call our genre "Dethcore" (Named after Megadeth, our most influential classic metal band). Every single band practice we do, consist's of several covers from different times and genre's. We like doing covers of the following songs:

Holy Wars and Symphony Of Destruction
Dissident Aggressor (But without the insane scream)
Hallowed Be Thy Name and The Number Of The Beast
Raining Blood

This is we how we pay tribute to these bands, making their classic's modern. Well, your not wrong, I tend to see many Death Metal and Death-core bands out there but there are many thrash and groove bands in our area. Even a Pantera tribute band. If you look harder, you will find them. It's just that modern metal is more popular to the kids and we love it.
The younger people are 'angrier', they want to beat the crap out of stuff and the -core bands give them ample opportunities
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Metalcore attracts a lot people apparently, all of my friends say thats the first sub-genre they heard.

Funny you mention that, because I can't think of anyone off the top of my head that likes metalcore very much at all.
I actually cannot for the life of me think of any death metal bands, Bring Me The Horizon used to be considered 'light' deathcore but I don't pretend to know a lot about the whole death metal(core) scene. There is definitely a lot of metalcore bands though, some of them will say they are deathcore, however that is mostly just for the little genre sections of Facebook/Myspace pages. I've seen a few of these bands live and they definitely aren't death metal/core.

I think the general thing to note is that young people (kids if you will) form bands based on the general feeling at the time and what is most appealing to their age group in terms of music. My guitar teacher said that back when he was a kid everyone was doing the whole Beatles style thing, because that was popular, I expect the same sort of thing has happened over time. It just so happens that right now a lot of people are into the whole hardcore/metalcore thing and decide to form a band, most (if not all) of them end up breaking up maybe a year after formation.
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