Hypocrites and Magic

My friend Mr. Jesus are stoned enough to care?
As the world falls down around you
Do you think that you will be spared?
On the sixth day he made the mother****er,
and it ate up all the land.
Until it stopped forever, in the place where time began.
The demons and the deadmen are stacked up to the sky.
Mr. Jesus can you tell me,
Is this where we all die?

Nail me down
With your illusion
By you confusion

Your father is an illusion, the blind leading the blind.
Doesn't call and cannot answer,
Your own way left to find.
If science is made of magic and religion of hypocrites,
When no one is left standing,
How can anybody win?
A tidal wave of anger, from a hurricane of hate,
When the only thing you believe in
doesnt matter anyway.
Nail me down
With your dillusion
By this collusion
So **** you Mr. Jesus, have you crossed on over that line?
You've left them spinning in a circle,
But my friend, I'll be fine.