About 2 years ago the input/output (I dont know what its called.. lol. I'm dumb when it comes to guitars) jack in my guitar broke off or whatever and I didn't get it fixed until about a week ago. It works fine now but when I plug it up to the amp it makes a loud buzzing noise and I noticed it always happens when I have the tone knob on my guitar turned up and the gain on my amp turned on and/or up. I think it might buzz a little on the clean channel..

Now like I said, I haven't used my guitar or this amp in 2 years and before it didn't buzz this much. It buzzed a little..but now it's to the point where I can barely hear it clearly when the gain is up and what not. i'm not sure what could be the problem.. Was the jack soldered on incorrectly? Is it the guitar itself..or the amp? Or could it just be the cable I'm using? I have 3 different cables and one of them won't work at all ..and the one I use now works cept I get that loud buzzing noise.. And I can't find the other cable.

So can anyone help me identify the problem?
How loud is the buzz?
What amplifier are you using? Using humbuckers or single coils?
Is the buzz constant? Does touching the strings make a difference?

And ofc, can you try another guitar in the same amp, and vice versa?
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The buzz is pretty loud but its only really noticeable when I have the gain and tone knob turned up.
I have some horrible BC Rich amp ( Hopefully I'll be getting a new one in a month or 2) And I'm using humbuckers
The buzz is constant when I have the gain turned up and touching the strings make no difference.

And I only own one guitar and one amp as of right now. They're both pretty bad too.. Lol.
It could just be the amp buzzing, and theres nothing you can do. I have a pretty good tube amp and its not bad but an amp ive ever played hums a bit when you push the gain up, its just noise. Usually though when your playing that sorts it out.

Its not a grounding issue, and really wiring is unlikely to make a buzz.
Gibson 58 RI VOS Custombuckers
Mesa Lonestar Special 2x12
Yeah. Its just the nature of amps when you use a lot of gain. You will get some hum, which is why noise gates where invented

EDIT: TS, do you play near to a computer or a TV? If you are, there's your problem
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when my amp starts humming a little bit is how I tell the tubes are ready to go. I play by my computer
I had the amp hooked up near a computer and a TV and the buzzing is like really loud. I haven't played my guitar in like 2 years and the last time I used it, it didn't buzz that loudly. Thanks for posting by the way.
Okay so I tried everything I could to see what the problem is and it seems as though no matter what I do, the buzzing noise won't go away. It even buzzes when the guitar isn't plugged up.. but it gets really bad with the gain and overdrive on. I think it might be the cord or amp. I guess I'll let my friend try his guitar on the amp and vice versa.. Sorry for the double post.. I still am not sure what the problem is. The amp never buzzed like this before and when I have the gain up I can barely even hear anything over the buzz if I play something. Good thing I recently got a job so I can replace anything that needs to be replaced..if anything at all.