I'm not sure how these Band of the Month threads are typically done, but I'm making one because I would like to.

Pop-punk for the pop punks who like lyrics with absolutely no subtlety. Personally, I'm a fan of subtlety, but The Capitalist Kids are too fucking catchy to ignore. You can listen to some of their songs from their new album
Leftist pop punk from Austin, and they rawk.
For fans of MTX, Copyrights, Ergs, Chinese Telephones, Dopamines, and all the other Ramones side projects.

Also, yeah, I know it's only April 30th (and only by a couple hours,) but I'll forget to do this tomorrow.

In case you mega punks don't like pop-punk, I decided to provide you with an alternative, so melt your face with some New Creases here.
(Yeah, that's right. They're pop-punk too because fuck you.)
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I like New Creases better, they sound pretty awesome yo. Capitalist Kids ain;t bad but holy crap theres no subtlety at all, its a little over the top for me.
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THAAAANK YOU GoodCharloteSux is god
is it me or does it sound like they use an autotune? haha at least on "Don't Make Waves"

either way they're pretty cool bro, i just wish his voice was a little less boring
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is it me or does it sound like they use an autotune? haha at least on "Don't Make Waves"

Nope, he's a cyborg.
Saw them open for BTMI! They covered The Crowd which I was happy with since everybody seems to choose Knowledge. As for their music, just not for me. They're a really tight band.
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Sounds like a Mark Hoppus band. I don't know if that's good or not though.. yes?

New Creases was cool though.
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