Do you think Australian Rock is underrated?
Becuase of American and Brithish artsist dominating our (Australian) charts, we don't get to hear much of our great rock bands, let alone the rest of the world.


Do you think Australain rock bands deserve more recognition and do you think that realeased in England or the United States, these bands would recieve higher success.
Dude, both of the songs you posted are getting heaps of airplay in Australia?
id have to say yes and no because occasionally youll get a great band come out such acdc then go on to write great music but the majority like eskimo joe just are repetive and the lyics seems to just be anything they can find that rhymes or can fill in time.
some is, for instance rose tattoo never got the recognition and popularity they deserved and the hell city glamours should be way more popular than they currently are, although they still have plenty of time to achieve that
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Maybe Birds of Tokyo were a bad example. But Jebediah's "She's like a Comet" is at 47, JET's "Seventeen" peaked at 37.
Check out COG. They're no longer around, but I think they made some really interesting albums.


I personally feel they are massively underrated and not talked about all that much.