At the moment, I own a LP copy and a Stratocaster copy. I use my les paul (double humbucker) for classic rock or anything with an edge to it, use my strat for softer, bluesy type stuff. I'm looking for a guitar that can handle stuff abit heavier, etc. iron maiden, slipknot, heavy metal in general. I was thinking about an Ibanez RG series. I've also heard good things about Jackson guitars. Could anyone advise me on a guitar? Preferably a mixture of humbucker(s) and single coil(s) pickups. Budget up to £200.
You can't go wrong with an RG series, the 80s heavy metal/shred scene was built on them. Don't know about the guitar prices in England, but 200 you might not be able to get a very high quality RG. You could always buy a cheaper one and change the pickups.