Hi, I need a little help wiring in some new Seymour Duncan SJB-5 pickups into my Squier Deluxe Jazz V. These pickups have red, white, green, bare and black wires coming out of them and Seymour Duncan have told me to solder the red and white wires together and tape them, then solder the green and bare wires to the ground locations and the black to the hot locations, but I'm not sure where these are. I've shown some pictures here of the current wiring, this bass has a blend control for the 2 pickups but the neck pickup (fat red wire) only has 4 wires, a red, white, black and bare wire while the bridge pickup (fat green wire) only has 3, red, white and bare. Could someone please help me as I'm a little confused.





The bare wire is the shield. That helps to eliminate interference. The ground is anything soldered to the bottom of the pots. Your previous pick-ups should have been wired similarly. The hot lead should go to the center tab on the volume pot (I think, I'm going from memory right now and it's been awhile since I had a guitar apart). Whichever wire you cut that did not go to the bottom of a pot is the hot. If you're still not sure, look online, you should be able to find several wiring diagrams.