I have a line 6 spider iv and hook it to a floor pod plus and for the life of me i cannot do pinch harmonics on it. But on every other amp i have played on i can do this with ease. Does anyone know why i would be unable to make this sound with this amp?
More gain, more highs, neck pickup.
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Neck pickup? You mean bridge pickup.
For once it's not the amp's fault. If you can't hear your pinch harmonics without being amp'd you're doing them wrong.

edit: let me add something to that - being amp'd and having the right pickups etc. can help you squeal with sloppier pinch harmonic technique but they're not a substitute for technique.
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technique is the biggest thing, but...

cranking the highs and boosting the mids a little bit (you aren't running everything at 10 are you?) should help pinch harmonics ring out more clearly. also, sticking to your bridge pickup wont hurt
Don't worry about your gear until you can get pinch harmonics to ring out unplugged. If your technique sucks and you only get them by jacking up your gain and compression and sticking to one pickup then all you're doing is making yourself sound shit the rest of the time and you're limiting your options. Don't try for shortcuts, get the technique down properly and then your gear won't matter. If you think you need high gain, compression or you have to stick to your bridge pickup then go watch some videos of Billy Gibbons.