Hey guys,

A bit of background info, I got kicked out of a band that I put my heart and soul into, about 6 months ago. In that time, I felt incredibly low about music, which led to a bit of a standstill in my musical career, but I recently hooked up with my cousins band, playing lead guitar, which has inspired me into writing and practicing more and more.

However, I feel that this new band isn't everything it seems.

For a start, I know for a fact that every one of them is a huge pothead, aside from my cousin, who only smokes weed occasionally. Originally, this wasn't a problem, despite being completely against smoking, drinking and taking drugs; I could see around it for the sake of the music.

This has led to me worrying a bit about where the band funds are going, as we have a band fund, nothing of which I have ever seen, which leads me to believe that the other members of the band are using that money to buy weed. We have had about 5/6 fully paid gigs.

Another thing that concerns me, is that we all donate £5 every week, to hire the practice hall for 6 hours every Saturday night, but whenever I speak to the guy who owns the hall, he has never mentioned fee's being late/overdue, or the fee's at all, even when the other guys in the band tell me that the guy is angry with us for not paying up, and we should all be paying in now.

I have a strange suspicion that the hall is free, and they are using us to get money for drugs, as neither of them have jobs, yet I always see them in possession of weed, beer and cigarettes.

Should I confront them directly about this, or just straight up quit?

Its not exactly a serious band, but it was nice to have something to do, musically, until I leave the area to go to university?

Give me your thoughts, guys


call them out mate, whats the worst that can happen? if you are considering leaving you might as well find out the truth.

Speak to the guy that owns the hall. Find out if he is charging. Ask the guys how much is in the fund.

If they are f**cking you over, leave, get on gumtree/check music shops etc for guitarists or just hone your skills for uni. you will find a band at uni.

Dude you have to confront them about it. If they are taking your money for drugs and smokes get up in their shit. That is not something you do and nobody who takes money out of a band fund committed.

Don't quit without knowing for sure. I don't know them but in their defense I don't have a job and I smoke my fair share of pot, its definately not occasional
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If you have a band fund, then that money belongs to the band. If you are in the band, then that money partly belongs to you. You have a right to know what money is going in, coming out, and what the balance is.

If anyone begrudges you asking for that information to be shared, then you should be suspicious. In the original band, where I was the "business manager", my bandmates knew exactly how much we were being paid for each gig. They knew exactly what we were paying for what, and people were consulted about every expenditure from the band fund. (which, being a BAND fund, was pretty infrequent) After every gig or at least at regular intervals, I would let people know how much money was in the account.

That means, if I said last month that there was $800 in the account, we played a gig for $150 and had no expenditures, that there damned well better be $950 in there. And if there wasn't, then people would be absolutely within their rights to ask why the hell not.

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I would try and do some backdoor stuff and try and figure things out. don't walk up to them and say 'are you smoking the band fund' because I know my drummer is unemployed -as we all are- and is in constant supply of weed and cigarettes.
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