Good power supplys that don't cost too much for pedals? Looking for one to hold about 5 pedals or so
Since your in the UK. Have you heard of the diago power supplies that cost like £50?

Johnny Shred Freak has the exact same power supply for £11.


3000mA max, more than enough for £5 pedals, really clean and good quality.
If your spending less than £100 on a power brick, pretty much garunteed its not gunna have isolated outputs, so its no different from the power supply i posted with a daisy chain. Even the expensive dunlop brick is just a diasy chain in a box.

But if you want a brick for organizing then i suggest this.

I paid something like $15-20 CAD and got a 9v adapter + a 4 spot daisy chain. I can't find anything wrong with it.
You can get 1 Spot and Godlyke Power-All daisychains from DV247's website. Both have loads of power (1 Spot 1700ma, Godlyke 2000ma). I use a 1 Spot and it's awesome. Plus, they're about £15.
All cheap power supplies (which will most definately be non-isolated) will introduce noise.

Always better to save up and get the proper tool.