Do any of you have a particularly close relationship with a particular guitar...maybe even a friendship even?

I can't help but think it would be immensely beneficial to bond with your guitar in such a way. BB King seems to have such a relationship with his guitar.

Anyway, comment on relationships you might have with your instruments?
Going to see BB King in two months

I would bollock anyone who decided to mistreat my guitar. And it they maliciously broke it or damaged it, I'd put their head up their ass.
Well, I finger her all the time..
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Every gig I've played, I've played with my Carvin Bolt-T.
We've been through a lot, but I can't say there's any real strong bond, I have much more of a bond with my gear than some people I know have with their's though.
I clean her and lube her up real nice. That's about it
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I would bollock anyone who decided to mistreat my guitar. And it they maliciously broke it or damaged it, I'd put their head up their ass


Take a look at Steve Vai's expression when he plays guitar, i swear he makes love with it... in fact, he orgasms at 3:42 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw74sDWPH7U
Periphery, love that shit!
i have to play both my gibsons every day. i don't know why, i just can't not play them. i get really hung up about it if it starts to get late and i haven't played them both yet on any particular day
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While I was playing i decided to take a rest. Didn't put my Rhoads down so i left it on my lap. It somehow slipped and the middle of the V struck my desk (foot of my desk). There's a small dent...not to noticeable, you ahve to look for it. But it's not small to me, it looks like the size of Jupiter
it gives me blowjobs regularly.
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I dont have one with mine, I get through them too quickly.

I mean even my Explorer, I played every gig ever with it, but I cant say I have any feelings towards it, the only reason I have kept it is because it was a gift.

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My flying v and I have been married for 1 1/2 years, but I'm having an affair with my epi goldtop...
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i love both of my guitars

i baby them and have been on occasion been caught before shows stroking and giving them pep talks it gives me peice of mind thinking that if the guitar is happy it wont screw up in any of my gigs
i keep each of them as back ups but to this day ive never had to switch becasue of malfunction only for different tones
weve been throught alot toghether
My ESP and I have a love connection
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Yeah me and my girl got a relashionship. I love her so bad, but she treats me like shit.

I absolutely baby my carvin. Definitely have a serious connection with that guitar. I'd never dream of selling it. If it were to get damaged I think I might literally cry.
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one of the best, educated and logical posts I've ever seen on UG in the Pit. Well done good sir.
I hate that bastard. Its a piece of shit and I wanna beat it on a daily basis. But I would never get rid of it, ever. Same deal with my sister, uknowatimsayin?
Friends with benefits, pedals as sex toys.


8:20 onwards, especially the bit about first thing you see when you wake up. My guitars are the first thing I see every day.
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I treat my Jackson like a living thing. Like when we have been travelling together (which is a lot) I let her stay out of her case for a fews days on a stand like it more comfortable =P.

And on the tube I am always more careful that my guitar has good room than myself.

I try to get her a seat on the train if I can. But if its busy she sits at my feet. No lougage compartment.

I dont keep her really polished though.

I heard that when Dan Spitz guitar was damaged in a fire he really grieved for it.
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I'd give away my wife and dogs (in that order) before I gave away any guitars.
My fender acoustic and I broke up,actually he did.Bec he reminds me of my ex.
Now I have my Takamine,with my Takamine endless hours of fun.

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my squier tele is my best friend, my first guitar and the best playing and sounding guitar i own, sure she's ugly but looks are only skin deep and it's beautiful on the inside. my sister dropped her once and sheared one of the tuning heads right off, i still have trouble looking her in the eye. in short, my tele is essentially my wife but at the newlyweds stage where you're still in love with her

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I'd brutally maul anyone who touched my ML, and I'm very protective of her, but I'm a bit ill-tempered as is. And if I was ever offered a trade for her for some Kahler-equipped V, I'd take the V.
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I let most of my friends mess around on my RG120 and RG2EX1... but all but a few of my good guitarist friends can touch my S2170FB Prestige haha... I have a connection with it... it's actually sitting in my lap right now as I type this... =P
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Like a couple with severe violence problems, i hurt her and she hurts me back, she's made me shed blood several times.
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It's just an instrument.
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