It's always stricken me how I'm not helpless at playing licks and riffs but can't keep strumming the most basic rhythms correctly... anyway,

I'm now trying to play this: The Wild Rover!

And it's simple as it gets... the one thing I'm not certain of, though, is whether he is in fact keeping the basic 3/4 Q Q Q rhythm he shows or not? I get the feeling he's changing the pattern a bit on some parts but I kinda suck at this so I can't tell for sure; maybe someone can help?
He is changing it a little. I'm not really sure how to type it out in proper rhythm.. but he states to use a bass, down, down strum pattern... but seems to switch between that and a bass, down, up, down, up.

I think I would stick with the latter. It seems to be what he uses most and I think it sounds better.

Great song choice!!
"Because hoes don't trust anyone.. especially me."
ya he's changing it up a bit. No worries just play the way you like it!
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