Ok, I've been having problems with phasing in my recordings (if I'm correct, phasing out is when there are volume fluctuations in a track...i guess hahaa) and wanted to know if anyone can help me out. I use FL Studio 9, Reaper, and a Behringer Eurotrack UB1202 mixer. I have flipped the drums' stereo vertically to help, but there are still conflicting issues with the guitars and keyboards.

Thanks guys.
Quote by FireHawk
pan your guitars hard left and right if you haven't already

I did do that, but what about layering my guitar parts? Will the layers be effected?
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Not sure exactly what you mean....you should have one layer 100% right and the other layer 100% left

Any layers on top of that I pan the right layers 25% left and the left layer 25% right if thats what you mean?
how about you post an example of what you mean so we know if it's actually a phase issues or something else. i have a feeling that it's something else...