I'm not here to bash them because I've ordered from them and got nothing but wonderful service, but I called them for simple information and got one of the silliest calls I've ever been privy to, and this goes along with the woman who threatened to get me fired for not lying to another company, and the conversation I had with a thee year old whose parent I was trying to call.

A local sales person suggested I give Schecters another try, and I did and found one I was okay with, but it was floyd equipped and I just prefer a hard tail. I looked on Schecter's site and they make it without a trem. So I went online to see how much it was by checking musician's friend and guitar center, and it doesn't exist. After calling Schecter and not getting information from them other then they do make it and a lot of attitude (I just wanted a price!) I called mf. The poor woman I talked too had no knowledge of guitars, after spending 2 minutes explaining what I wanted she went searching through their site and asked if I wanted one in 5 or 6 string. She tried to sell me a bass. Please train your employees a little at least in the differences between products. I don't expect anyone to be an expert in every product, but please know the difference between a guitar and a bass. It was just as bad when I was trying to explain to the woman what I wanted (the same exact model without the FR on the model name). I felt sorry for her, and I didn't get mean with her or anything because she was nice, but it was frustrating.

Sorry for the rant I just had to let it out</rant>
Ohhhh Google.


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just go to the website you should be able to find what you want there. I mean they do send out free monthly catalogs.
Quote by malmsteensolo
just go to the website you should be able to find what you want there. I mean they do send out free monthly catalogs.

Okay because after calling 4 other companies I still can't get a price on it.
I find it hard to believe she can work there and not have figured it out for herself, but yea, idk. There's two kinds of people. people that know all the brands the styles everything, then there's the people who look at a band and says why are there 3 guitars, and one soo big? even some people who actually play have said stuff like that to me before... That lady probably has a list on the side of her desk with every brand they carry, and she just searches the same site we do.
She was just searching the site, as she was reading stats off of the page on the site. It was just that someone could be that poorly trained on their product and it taking around 7 times to them figure out what I was talking about . I was trying to get a Damien Riot and all the stores only have the Damien Riot FR. I told them what they had and was asking how much it would cost to order (or to see if they could order) the non-fr variation. How did that take 7 tries to explain?

I work at Musician's Friend. I'm sorry to hear about the problems you had with the agent you spoke with. Do you recall her name? I'd like to follow up and make sure she understands the difference between a guitar and a bass.

Right now, we don't carry the Damien Riot except with the FR. We can look into special ordering one for you if you would like. Just give us a call or email us through our website to get that process started.

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Musician's Friend
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I would have just politely asked to get switched over to someone with a better knowledge of guitars
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