Hi guys this is one of my first posts here and I came to ask if anyone knew about a guitar called Hondo II. I was at my friend's place yesterday and his guitarist was going on about how he has an amazing guitar that no one will ever find anywhere else and it was made in 1951. I really didn't believe this guy so I wanted to know if anyone here knew about the Hondo II guitars and how much they're worth and a little history behind them. Thanks!
I did google it but what wikipedia had and what my buddy's guitarist said were 2 different things. Although I'd rather believe wikipedia, it's not always the most reliable source. Even if he did come up with a bullshit story that this is the only one left in the world and how he wouldn't even sell it for 5 grand, it does play really well, but he hides behind a massive effects pedal.
Occam's Razor, dude.

In this case that would mean either he's lying/misinformed or got the name wrong.

And "plays well" isn't indicative of anything. I have what amounts to a POS Ibanez that plays phenomenal, and I once played a 2 grand LP that felt like a tree with strings.


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He's full of shit, you'll meet people like that.
Yeah, nah. Hondo made a bunch of guitars after the '50s including Les Paul clones.

The '51 he's got might be a pretty nice guitar in its own right, though. Who knows?
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