So, I have audacity and I want to record some stuff on it. I want distortion, and I got some plugins that work OK, but I want 'my' sound. Can I run my guitar into my Boss MD2, then run that into Audacity? Or any other suggestions would be helpful too. Thanks.
It depends on if you are using an interface or not. You won't get the "right" sound without one. If you did have one, then yes, you can use your MD2.

EDIT: You may also want to add some type of noise gate after the chain to cut out the random white noise. This is usually necessary when you have some distortion effect.
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Forgive me, I'm not sure what you mean by interface. Could you explain what bit you mean please? Sorry. Thanks for the advice about a noise gate, as well.
I just want this instead of a plugin because I have a good setup with Distortion and Gain that I like, and I don't get with plugins. Thanks again.
Alright. So my assumption is that you've got your guitar connected somehow to your Line In on your computer. Though you get sound, it's not the most recommended way. An (audio) interface is piece of hardware that connects your guitar to your computer the proper way. There are three main ways of doing so: 1. USB, 2. Firewire, & 3.PCI (desktop only). With an audio interface, you'll get the right sound. There are a ton of different types of audio interfaces and the price and capabilities of them range drastically. Here is one that's low end: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/AudioBoxUSB/
It's meant for recording guitar, and even microphone. The more expensive ones have more inputs, better preamps (used for mics), and more options. Check out this forum if you need more advice with finding an interface. A lot of people come here to ask for help on picking one out for them based on budget.