Hello everyone.

I´m finding it very limiting to learn songs from tab, since there aint tab for all songs i want to learn and they are often not correct.

So i´ve been working on ear training and learning to read sheet music.

I´ve tried takeing out sogns by ear before but i don´t really know how to do it, i don´t get it right.

I´ve started working on ear training with these 2 sites:



I´ve made a schedule for working on those for 10-20 mins aday (each of em)

Will this help me get better at learning songs by ear or is there something else i should do?

Be gentle on me if this sound stupid.

Thanks in advance
You've taken good first steps in ear training. It's an important thing to do. I would also recommend taking time to figure out the melodies to well-known nursery rhymes and whatnot, such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Frere Jacques."
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Yeah man you are definitely going somewhere, every time you listen to a song or practice is one step closer, I don't believe in practice without results. When I started learning songs by ear I started out with songs of the Pop-Punk genre because every song revolves around the same 3/4 chords. So what I would do is I would listen to it and as it would play I would figure out the power chords because this really helps opening up your ears to your fretboard, and with any song out there if you can figure out the chord progression with power chords, you can then convert your power chords into the real chords. And then when it gets to doing fills and solos and such it's all just a matter of listening to a small portion, stopping, figuring it out, and then starting over. This is my two bits, hope it helps and good luck to ya. For a really easy band to start out with is Blink-182. They are simple and fun, that's what i used
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Great news from both of you! Good to hear about the pop-punk thing since i lissen to stuff like Sum 41, offspring, rise against and such stuff aswell so that might be a good start.

But what about riffs? That is what scares me abit since it seems so complicated to take out riffs for like if we would take 2 of my favorite bands, Children of bodom and lamb of god. Learing stuff by them by ear seems harsh and would take ages to learn 1 song.

Any thoughts on that?
As with any other skill, ear training involves starting from the beginning and working your way up. It's unrealistic to want to start with difficult songs. You'll feel confident enough in your skills to tackle difficult songs eventually, but no one knows how long exactly it will take you. You've done the hardest and most important part of it by wanting to train your ears and being proactive in starting to train your ears.

Edit - Also, I would recommend getting a program that can accurately and reliably slow down song files on the computer so you can play along with slowed-down versions. BestPractice is a good bit o' software.
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Metalheads are the worst thing that ever happened to metal.
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Also one other quick question about this so i dont have to make another thread.

On these 2 sites i use, it got to be better to practice ear training this way right?

Like i start off with makeing it only use Minor / Major and diminished chords/scales.

Then when i can hear the diffrence between them i add like major 7th and minor 7th chords and just keep extending a little at the time? So i dont start with all types of chords and get confused?

Learning by ear is something I encourage you to do. Not only will it be easier to learn songs you can't find tabs for, but it will also be easier to play along at a BBQ, or the beach, or whatever, with some friends.

It's also a lot more fun learning a song on your own. Of course - there are songs that is a lot harder to figure out, but with some enthusiasm and lots of practice you can!

Not to mention, as you pointed out, you feel less restricted, and you will feel that it is easier to improvise (if you would ever feel like it), whether it's improvising during a song, or just... 'improvising' for the sake of it.
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Forgot to mention above: learning the tuning of the song is also a good thing to practice.
I feel after you play with your guitar enough you subconsciously have quite a good idea where notes are, for me I never bothered with ear training. The first song I did by ear was 4 am by avenged sevenfold, granted it wasnt near perfect it wasn't half bad either. Although not everyone will have a fluke like I did so I suggest to just start jamming to your fav bands that only use powerchords, then advance from there. Im not sure if this would work for everyone but it worked for me, now I can jam to alot of songs I've never even heard before and it's really ****ing awesome.

Anyways, good luck and keep working at it
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