Reverend Gary Davis leaves a legacy as one of
the most powerful and moving Blues musicians to live.

Rev. Davis played his guitar with an incredible amount of
heart, soul and depth and took you right there along side him
emotionally within his music.

Hours of Live Video, Music and excerpts of an interview
with Rev. Davis in his honor.

"You know you can’t give a two week old baby peas and cornbread. You’ve got to give it what its able to eat. Lot of people come here wanting me to teach them things but they’re not able to stand up to it. I’m subject to mistakes. All of us are. Sometimes you’re going East and you’re actually going West. That’s the way it happens with all of us sometimes. Mistakes is the best stop in life. You know too much you understand, then you done made a mistake already. You be too perfect then the mistakes been already made. But you go try to do a thing and make a mistake to start off with, then that’s the best start in life. It gives somebody a chance to correct you." - Reverend Gary Davis