Hello there!

So I tried.. It's a bit rough, but thought I'd know what you'd think about it, before I went and recorded it properly(As in not one-take) EDIT: Due to technical limitations I might not do this anyway. I also have a bunch of originals I want to record first.

I appreciate any feedback and advice you can give me.

Oh by the way, I do not intend on changing the arrangement in any major way, since I'm still new to this, and I do not have the surplus to originalize(? XD) the song just yet!

Thanks again!

P.S. - I messed with my recorder to improve audio quality. Unfortunately, it made the song single-channel, and near the beginning, it speeds up for a split second, and then slows down again. Weird. My bad!

You should be able to listen to this in-browser:

http://dl.dropbox.com/u/20032339/Paranoid_Android.mp3 (Any better way to upload mp3's)?
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not a huge fan of your vocals. apart from the audio quality the guitar part sounds good.
Thanks a lot for your comments!

Yes I do sing "What's that" - and it's unfortunately
very unstable(As in other parts of the song) as my voice has broke/is still breaking. My voice is undergoing a major change, and it's really hard to control. Did not want it to hinder me from playing music though.

Tomorrow I'll try recording it properly, and with an actual microphone instead of the built in