Well, I have been playing guitar since April 2009, and I played Metallica songs for a long time. I can do the rhythm track from several of their songs, among a handful of pretty easy solos, like the outro to Fade to Black.
I am into hard rock and heavy metal.

For the past 3 months, I don't think I learned anything new. It's just been picking up the guitar and improvising or doing different random exercises, such as 3 string sweeps or alternate picked runs, or string skipping licks, etc etc, for a very short time, what with studies and keeping up my grades...
Obviously I want to learn new song, and I should. However, the problem is:
1) The songs I choose to pick up and play (such as Megadeth's Skin of My Teeth) are tough. They might be too fast for me or too technical.
2) I don't find the songs I pick interesting enough.

If I could pick a song which was appropriate for my skill level, not too tough or too easy, then it would be perfect.
How did you guys decide what songs would be most suited to your needs, when learning guitar in the beginning?
Any tips for me?
Thank you fellas!
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Pick a song you want to play, and if you can't play it, learn to play it slowly and build up speed. You'll improve technique whilst learning a song you'll enjoy playing.
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So very true...
learning tough songs is one of the most fun things you can do. The only way to get better is to pick songs harder than your skill level and learn them slow and eventually be able to play that song that was harder to put you at a new skill level
i had this for a while,

what i do is attempt something i know i cant play at the time, then slow it down and build it up to a metronome until i cant play it, weather it takes a night or a week, by the time iv learnt it i feel like iv improved. this is a very dry way of learning things but it is the best no matter what anyone will tell you. Another thing, try to use parts of songs instead of scales, scales tend to just improve speed instead of helping you learn new techniques aswell

also dont be closed minded about what you think you'll like, i play a lot of progressive metal but i also love to learn classical/fusion ect. if i hear i song and like it, 9 out of 10 times ill learn to play it the same day!
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go learn symphony of destruction
and try to learn the solo it might seem impossible at first but just break it up into little parts and don't be afraid to fail and get back up and try again then succeed
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Guys, thanks.
Tell me 2 things:

1) What programs are there that can slow down a song and play it, preferably without changing the pitch? (Master of Puppets!!! ARGH! )

2) For a guitar player who's not an expert, who's at the skill level of being able to play Metallica's Fade to Black (both rhythm and 3 lead solos), what songs would you suggest? thrash/progressive/heavy metal and hard rock songs to get to the next level?
if you find metallica boring then branch out to other artists, for interesting songs instrumentals are usually great, metallica have a few as well. Check out people like Paul Gilbert as well as his songs are relatively simple riffs that can be speeded up.

try instructional videos on YouTube a well, almost all famous guitarists have made some sort of instructional vid. the range is huge and the exercises will get you out of the rut.

if all else fails i would recommend stop playing for a week then come back and then you can start fresh
PS download TuxGuitar it allows you to download Guitar Pro Files and play them at any speed and its FREE!!!!
Try The Number Of The Beast. One of the best songs ever. Also, try the Technical Difficulties riff and don't stop playing it. It improved my alternate picking unimaginably and I think it can help you too.
Learn theory
by the time you read this you will be wasting your time because it doesnt say anything
Like everyone else says, take the song you want to learn and play it slowly, building up the riff until you can play it fast enough.
A metronome is a must, if you can't buy one I'm sure there are some online that you can download. Most guitarists think they can keep time but when they pick up a metronome they find out the opposite to be true ha, it can be very hard but it is the most useful tool you can have.

Also, branch out a bit, music is unlimited and there are so many amazing guitarists out there. They don't all have to play blistering solos, you mentioned rhythm so I bet you could appreciate someone like Johnny Marr or Jeff Buckley or Bernard Sumner, you'd even learn some unusual chords as well and some more progressions.

Paul Gilbert is an AMAZING teacher, his licks are simple and can be expanded on and are great for practicing. There's a for torrents you can download, like the total guitar shred special, it has all of his total guitar lessons, it's a must imo. He also has tons of youtube videos up.

Steve Vai's 30 hour workout is also a must. It's incredibly insightful, you might not like his music but he's a virtuoso and a master of his craft, you'd be hurting yourself not to study his works and his interviews and his exercises.

John Petrucci's Rock Discipline is great as well, it features some great exercises, though I can't vouch for the rest of it as I only watched the exercise part but the warmups and strength building exercises are great and will help you tremendously.

I could suggest some songs as well. Coheed and Cambria's songs are pretty intense but they're actually easy, at least the theory behind them, I would recommend them. I'd also recommend studying Randy Rhoads, he's an amazing guitarist and his solos are pretty easy if you put in the work. There's a warm up lesson of his on this site, in a guitar pro file, I'd get it. Guitar World has a great lesson on him as well, because Randy was a teacher and excellent one at that, the lesson is based on his teachings.

I also don't know if I mentioned it, but Paul Gilberts songs are also pretty easy to learn, he does have some videos teaching his songs as well on youtube, and they're basically songs for exercise ha!

I'd pick up a chord book and learn chords and then a fake book or song book. The Beatles were really smart with chords, it'd be wise to learn them, and it's fun. Or a jazz composer like Charles Mingus or Miles Davis, those cats had it.

I'd also look top 10 lists or whatever of guitarists and study their work, like Jimi Hendrix, John Frusciante, Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Prince, Matt Bellamy, Tom Morello, Slash, B.B. King, Randy Rhoads, Duane Allman, etc etc. yeah yeah I'm forgetting a ton of them, but you can look them up and decide for yourself which ones you like.

Just remember to have fun too!
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Try your hand at improv, or transcribing by ear. Put a simple song on and try playing along by ear.
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