i was thinking it would be cool if the next time i saw my brother i could play this song for him. he's playing lead guitar, pedal steel, and singing back-up. his part sounds too filled with effects and pedal steel parts for me to learn on my acoustic, so i wanted to learn dan's (the lead singer/rhythm guitarist) part instead. i'm running into a few problems tho. my brother's part is so loud comared to dan's i can barely hear what i need to hear, and they tend to use some pretty unique chords/voicings (they're in some pretty advanced college jazz courses).

can anybody with better ears help me out? every little piece helps, if u can just get a few chords i'll still appreciate it. thanks!
Quote by beatreebor
why not just ask him?

and ruin the surprise? der :p haha plus he's in chile right now, then his band's going on tour, i might not see him for a while, and we don't really talk on the phone or anything.