Ok howdy,
I have a strat with noiseless single coils currently, and I am looking for a change. I am specifically asking any studio professionals who not necessarily condone, but can at least work around DI. I record my guitar completley clean with reverb, echo and compression and I just need QUIETER pickups now. If anyone knows the studio standard for strat pickups please let me know. Any brand/model of any reasonable price that is the lowest noise, closest to silence is what im looking for. Help is much appreciated, thanks in advance.
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Kinman pickups are expensive but are very authentic sounding- vintage strat sound, but are noiseless
Honestly, you aren't gonna find a "studio standard" for s/c pups. My recommendation is that you eq a little before you go to compression. Another thing to watch out for is the orientation of your guitar relative to fluorescent lights and computer monitors. S/c pups especially are affected by interference from such sources. What is the order of your echo, verb, and compression? It's important because compression can increase noise if used improperly, especially after other effects.
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