So i was trying to think of a few songs that have sweep picking in them that would fall more into the rock (not metal) category and were somewhat main stream but i sadly couldn't think of one. I'm sure there is some super easy ones i'm just forgetting about but i just can't think of any right now.

Any help guys

EDIT: No a7x guys... sorry i'm grouping them into "metal" despite the ongoing argument on that (and if you want to discuss that then please thread hop out)... I'm thinking about giving a brief presentation on guitar techniques for a speech class and was thinking about including sweeping but i really didn't want to put a metal group in.
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I can't think of anything to be honest, simple truth of the matter is it's not something that impresses or interests non-guitarists much, therefore it's not going to appear in mainstream music.

Despite how it sometimes seems because the amount of guitarists that wank over it, sweeping is a niche technique of limited usefulness that many guitarists will never need and never even bother with.
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Hm, I've never heard any either. Be interesting to here some radio rock with a mad fast sweeping solo.
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Despite how it sometimes seems because the amount of guitarists that wank over it, sweeping is a niche technique...

Yeah, it is generally a pretty niche technique for guitar fappery, not always, but mostly. It just seems like that there would at least be one major rock song with it in there for just a second or two though, especially when you consider the amount of time some musicians put into their craft and technique and that many are much more technically proficient than what shows up on the record (to the trololol's: Notice i said some).
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Can't think of any but I disagree that sweeping is a niche technique. It's used mainly by metal guitarists, true, but when done right it can be very melodic and sound great regardless of genre. I think saying that it has limited use is very close minded.

Actually one of the things about mainstream rock that annoy me is how the lead guitarists never seem to try something different musically in their solos - it's always the same sounding blues scale with a few bends here and there. I mean there's nothing wrong with it, but there's so many things that would sound great as well...
Get a rock song (not a particularly bluesy one would help i imagine) and sweep the chord progresion arpeggios for a chorus
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please no a7x. Lets just call them metal for all intensive purposes and leave them out of the thread. I'm really trying to stay true to the "rock" requirement.

I don't know any radio songs with sweeping, but I do have to comment and say that the term is "for all intents and purposes."
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IIRC, there's a few nifty little arps in Hotel California. I think Dave Gilmore has dropped in the odd little sweep as well.

You probably won't see long sweep arpeggio sections but I don't think it's totally unheard of.
There is a sweep lick in the first solo of Fade to Black by Metallica, and I have heard that on the radio a bunch of times. It may fall into the "metal" category though.

Also, does Zakk Wylde use any sweeping? I feel like Porn Star Dancing by My Darkest Days could have a sweep lick in it.
Buckethead does some real nice sweeps on Chinese Democracy, the song "Better" comes to mind (i believe that's him, maybe it's Bumblefoot). i might remember hearing some sweeps on the most recent Creed album, but maybe not, although i know Mark Tremonti can sweep, to some extent at least. also, a number of 80's arena rock bands used some sweeps every once in a while. i'm not sure if you want something that old, but some of those bands still are often heard on many classic rock stations these days, though i can't think of a specific example off the top of my head.
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Two weeks? I consider that mainstream rock as it has no br00tal screams or anything.
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there is a brad praisly song I think its called 'thats when ill take you back' that has a br00tz sweep in it. totally country pop too. he even did it on a twang'd out tele.
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there is a brad praisly song I think its called 'thats when ill take you back' that has a br00tz sweep in it. totally country pop too. he even did it on a twang'd out tele.

Not to derail this thread, but I went to a Brad Paisley concert last fall, and that guy can shred!!!LOL! He definitely used sweep picking, a lot. I was definitely impressed, and this is coming from a dyed-in-the-wool metalhead!
The intro lick in Paul Simon's "Diamonds in the soles of her shoes". There's definately more.
Furyon. I'd consider them more radio friendly hard rock, some impressive licks/sweeps in there (for me anyway)
Solo of Comfortably Numb is a memorable one.
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theres very few i can think of. i remember this one song, cant remember the name, but the band use some jazz/fusion style combined into rock. ofcourse theres only so much sweep picking you can do on the radio.

actually while typing this is thought of the living end. they kind of combine sweeping in rock/rockabilly and it works out.
Other than songs with sweep grace notes, nope.
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