Hey, I'm in a band called A Hero At Heart
We're an upcoming Metal band from Birmingham with influences such as parkway Drive, Bring Me the Horizon, A Day to Remember, Metallica, Killswitch Engage, Gallows and Architects.
We would love some opinions on our music be it bad or good, you'll find our songs under the 'Tracks' tab on the left hand side of the page
Please take some time to check out our music and give us a 'like' if you want
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The music is good. It is pretty generic to my understandings, but I do like it. So good job guys.
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Thanks man
Yeah we are pretty generic tbh but we just write the music we like listening to :P
Our latest stuff sounds pretty different now, more melodic.
Thanks for replying anyway Been waiting ages for one reply to this haha
During December 2011 we recorded our debut EP at the Ranch Production House in Southampton and have recently uploaded a brand new song from the upcoming EP. Please give it a listen, any feedback would be much appreciated. The track is titled 'Greasy'
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