There is a sad shortage of new gear day threads in here. dont we all want to brag about our awesome new purchases? my apologies if it's against the rules, i looked and didn't see anything about it.

Anyways, i just picked up a pair of Yamaha HS80Ms and let me tell you... one of the best purchases i've made. man these things sound good (for the money... i've heard better but i'm not paying over a grand right now). crystal clear with a very even bass response.

I was almost tempted to save some money and get some KRKs because i had never actually heard the HS80's before so i wouldn't know what i was missing out on. glad i didn't. these kick KRKs in the pants in just about every way. the low end is definitely there but isn't hyped like i've heard in so many other lowish end monitors, and has a "room control" that bumps the low end down 2 or 4db to make up for not having them properly placed in a room. the mids and highs are crystal clear and also are adjustable.

i'm hearing things i've never heard in songs before on these things and hearing exactly where they sit in the stereo field, but seeing as how these are my first actual monitors, that's not too surprising. i've used a number of different ones before, but these are the first ones ever to own and have sit in my room. right now i have them up against a wall but i'll be re-arranging the room to place them better tomorrow. even with them in a bad spot, they sound killer.

They normally go for $349.99 each but i was able to get them for $299.99 each. i highly recommend them to anyone who can afford them.

i've got about another grand to go before i have my "studio" up and running the way i want it (for starters... i have big plans for the future)
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