Which one you think is the best out of these two?
I'm on a tight budget so these are my two options...
And I would like to know which one of these is most reliable
The Stagg. 400 is higher than 100.
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briefly had a stagg LP and was very disappointed (even though it was just meant to be my beater guitar). check to see whether it's alder or mahogany. had a really bad fret out that couldn't be fixed. staggs look decent but honestly the pickups are crap and it just plain didn't havethe LP sound at all.
I have had very bad experiences with Stagg. Neither guitars are any good, so check out Agile
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Thx 4 all the replies...Anyone know If the LP-100 is reliable enough?

I have one, and i'm selling it ASAP.

Edit: I mean, the one I bought was terrible and I wouldn't reccomend one.
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They both suck.. You'll get a much better guitar for your money if you buy used.
I have a Stagg bass which I love. it was $300 Canadian. I'd suggest it but also I'd give both a try and see what feels/sounds better.
check out the vintage v100
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Either of these would be a much, much better choice.



Mahogany bodies/necks, and set neck builds. They'll actually feel (and sound somewhat) like a Les Paul should, rather than like a piece of shit.

FWIW, the Epi would feel closer to the real thing, because it has a 24.75" scale, rather than the 25.5" of the Kramer.
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if you are in Europe then try a Vintage guitar. they are kinda like the euro equivalent of Agile.
Ok,in order to make up my mind...These are my 4 choices:
1st choice:Ibanez GRG 170DX
2nd Choice: Ibanez GRG 270B
3rd:Epiphone LP-100 EBONY
and 4th:Ibanez ART 80 BK
I want to know:
Which one of these is more reliable and which one has the best sound..