Hey everyone!

I have a couple of songs that I recorded here, would love to hear your opinions of them...

They are both just ideas, but here goes anyway....

First one has vocals....


Second one is a "Hendrix-esque" groovy instrumental jam....


They're not great or anything, but would still love to hear what you think!

Thanks very much!
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I was pleasantly surprised overall. I almost never listen all the way through when I listen to people's recordings but I did with this.

Some things that came to my mind... the singing felt like it came out of nowhere. I was expecting it to start around the 30 second mark, especially when I heard the drum fills. There wasn't much to indicate when the singing started. Putting the vocals in a little earlier in the song would make it sound more natural to me. Also, I felt like the rhythm guitar could have been a little louder in the mix. The singer was out of tune at parts, wasn't he.

Overall, like I said, well done though.

By the way, both links lead to the same song.
Wow! That's great! I'm really happy you like it.

Yeah the singing comes in at a bit of a weird place. Will definitely change that if I keep the song. I also need to work on my singing, I agree. I'm pretty new to it... Do you think the tone is OK, even if it's a bit out of tune sometimes?

Oops, I didn't realise the link was the same... Just changed that.

Thanks very much for listening!

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yeah really nice man, really dig this... like the dirty hendrix-styla slowfunk, yes, thats the sort of thing to get my head noddin!
Thumbs up & come collaborate!