Hello, I want to make some recordings and I have a Line 6 guitar port II which is kinda descent to record the sound directly in my PC. I just don't know what software to use and what would sound best. I tried Audacity but it's not so good. Then I tried Reaper but I could not edit the tracks (like cut copy and stuff like that). If you could show me any good method or software i'd be grateful.
Why couldnt you cut and edit the tracks in Reaper? I use it and it works fine :S Have you done a clean install?

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Hmmm when I do a selection, it usually cuts the whole track! Is there a tutorial or manual pdf besides the one that comes with reaper. maybe i'm just not understanding how to use it!
simply go to the edit drop down. there are options for both copy and cutting the selected portion of the track. you can also use the split function to break the track into sections, and copy/paste those as required.

Reaper is a fully functional DAW. you can do just about anything in it that you can do in any other DAW. you can download the manual from reaper's website, and it should help you quite a bit. im not talking the 1 page quick start guide, im talking the actually 400 page manual.

for most basic stuff, just looking around the drop down menus or right clicking on things will give you the options you are looking for. you just need to spend a bit of time looking around before deciding that you dont like the program.
yeah just gotta look up the manual, but i figured out that the previous version of reaper that i had installed had some errors, i couldn't start a new project. now i reinstalled the updated version of it, i'm gonna give it a try with the manual!
I use Magix Music Maker. It's easy to use and inexpensive. I get pretty good quality, even when I don't master it. Check my profile to listen to it. Also Sony Music Studio or even FL Studio. FL studio is kind of a weird program to get use to for guitar recording, but it works great for mastering.
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