I'm relatively new to the head and cab world of bassness. I picked up a nice cheap Peavey Max-450 head, and paired it with an Ampeg SVT410HE cab.

The head runs best on 2 ohms, with 450 watts. But my Ampeg cab is an 8 ohm cab, which makes the amp run at 170 watts. The cab can handle 500 watts RMS, with 1000 peak.

Question is, on the head I have an input for a power amp. If I do route in another power amp, would that allow me to still use the 8 ohm cab, but get more wattage and volume?
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I don't know about another power amp, but using another cab would be a way better option. add the same cab and you will double the power and amount of air moved.
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I can almost guarantee that if you plug a power amp into your head it will shut off the internal power amp. Best idea is either sell the 8ohm and get a 4/2ohm cab or get another 8 ohm cab and that will bring your impedance to 4ohm.
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