Does listening to the song over and over help any? The song I am learning I listen To when ever I have the chance, what does this benefit for me?
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I think that listening to the song really helps with the timing and accents.Take any easy song like breaking the law for instance,you can learn the correct notes but If you don't use the right timing it sounds like crap.i hope you get what I'm trying to say.Also if you know a song you want to learn very well you can tell very quickly if a Tab sounds correct or not.
Well if absolutely nothing else, you learn the order of the song which I've always found was my downfall (knowing the song, but not knowing when changes come).
I find it helps if it's a song I'm not completely familiar with, but if I already know the song well enough to do without it I try to avoid listening to it, if only to avoid getting sick/bored of it.
Because there's nothing worse than despising your entire repertoire of learned songs.
Great point 3lusiv3,that is great advice.Alot of songs repeat,verse-chorus-verse-etc. song it is good to break a song down to its parts and learn it that way,Thats how I approach learning a new song anyways.Also when you have a part of a song down,don't replay that part over and over when practicing,you will get more productivity out of your practice time to work on the harder parts that you can't play as well.
Thank you guy's. I feel the more I listen an, then play with song I have more control when playing.