I have a 2001 Epiphone Hummingbird acoustic (that generation was made in Korea).

I have found out recently that it needs a neck reset (it has been seen by 2 luthiers independently of each other) already, even though it's still relatively young. And I have been quoted $500 by the second luthier. (I bought this guitar new in 2001 at $399, about half off its then-current retail price.) The second luthier also told me that the saddle is "low" in the bridge.

I have always played it gently and not that often (in fact I spent 3 years out of the country, whilst it sat at home).

So why does it already need a neck reset? Do some guitars have a bad setup out of the factory? The luthier who saw my guitar just recently mentioned something about factory setup being a possibility why it needs this surgery.

What do you think?

It's very possible since the guitar isn't exactly high end. Generally neck resets are a 20+ year thing, but poorer quality control could very well lead to faster maintenance issues.

I would say... go out there and buy a new guitar. An upgrade perhaps? It's definitely not worth spending more than the guitar's worth to get a reset.
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it could also be using strings that are too heavy for the guitar or issues with humidity or too much heat. but like captivate said, epiphones aren't known for quality control, either.
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