hi, this is my 1st thread so b nice plz

i'm planing 2 buy my 1st "good" guitar and dont wanna spend a lot
i've been looking and got this models i'll put estimated price in us dollar
LTD EX-50 = 395.785
LTD EC-50 = 373.784
(LTD MH 50)= 395.785

i'm really in doubt about the mh-50 bk it has non lic. floyd rose and heard bad things about it
don't offer other guitars and plz forgive my english bk i live in latin america.

ty 4 ur aswers
btw i'm just starting (i have a yamaha erg 121 which is good but bought it used so it's quite crappy
btw it's ONLY between thos guitars up there (may b another 50 series) but no + far thn tht.
About the LFR the thing is that just about any LFR will hold tune pretty well with a proper setup. If you want a floating trem go for it. With the other two you would want to decide which do you want more, the awsome shape of the EX or the EC's ability to sit on a regular guitar stand. Also I dont know what site you are getting your prices from but musiciansfriend has all of those cheaper than what you are showing.

There is also this 50 series that you can get with a LFR or with a string through body. http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-F50-with-Floyd-Rose-Electric-Guitar?sku=476288
get the m-50 and dont use the trem....or the ec or ex. dont get that cheap of a guitar with a locking trem
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imho I'd try get the next series up, may be more expensive but the lower models are a bit... errr

I mean don't get me wrong they're still good, but the ones higher are just all around better for their money, and you will be able to sell them easier on later

if you get the MH-50 don't expect it to stay in tune when using the whammy at all.
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Don't all lower end ESPs have floyd rose specials now?

Yeah, all LTD Standards have the FR Special, which is a pretty decent trem. My M-200FM has it, and it's good, as long as you take care of it and set it up properly.

That said, I'd still recommend either the EC or the EX, unless you really want a FR, then by all means go for the MH.
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as i said i can't get them 4 less in my country and i whould like soloin and a fr too but if i have 2 strugle with a cheap fr no ty. hope u understand
Ex 50...I have probably the lowest end esp, an m15. With a setup, it plays very well. Lower end esps can be good.
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i think i'll go 4 ex 50 bk of it's shape and i've heard all ltd 50 series have the same hardware. anyway hope this thread will help others.