Well, I had a Ventura V-20 from the 70's that was rather nice. They are supposed to be based of the Taylor guitars of the time yet for a fraction of the price. The V-20's you can find for like $300 now in good shape, so I imagine that 12 wouldn't go for much more than that.

I'd hang on to them cause they are such nice sounding and playing guitars, being based off Taylor guitars, and since you can't get much for them, not worth selling it in my opinion.

I think in the early 80's is when Taylor filed a law suite against Ventura and they got shut down for copy right infringement for being so closely based off the Taylor guitars.
This guitar has to be in probably 4 out of 5 for quality. The finish has minor scratches and thats the only damage to it. Could use new tuners but other than that its in great shape. I can provide a sn if it will help figure out when it was manufactured.