My friend just gave me a BC Rich Warlock guitar (bronze series) that he was in possession of. The body is perfectly fine, but the neck is broken... not snapped off but it looks like it will be a costly repair since it's not a clean break. I'm looking at three options:

1. getting a new neck or just getting this one repaired
2. selling the guitar and make a quick 20-50 bucks
3. harvest parts and use them to improve the first guitar I own (a laguna guitar, decent quality except the crap pickups)

what should I do?
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the first one might be a good idea if u get a custom neck (that doesnt cost alot of course) it might improve the tone of it overall the wood on a guitar does play a major role on the sound of it or if you find one on ebay


the third one seems like a good idea also if you like the pickups on the guitar
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If it's a Bronze series, no it's not worth the fix. A Bronze Series Warlock is your basic starter guitar. I mean, if it's his only guitar, and he can't afford another, sure, get it fixed. But if he can possibly scrap the 'lock, and get another guitar, I suggest he does it. Nothing against B.C Rich, (As I own 2. One being a warlock) but the Bronze Series guitars aren't worth it.