ok so got a bunch of questions, all guitar related and figured somebody would get pissed off if i made like 4 different threads so here i go:

1)first off played the ibanez rga7 again today, hated the neck, way too flat in the back.
so in comparison a schecter hellraiser c-7 fr should be alot more chuncy and full, in terms of the neck?

2) if all else fails i may end up getting this: http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Solid-Body-Electric-Guitars/Solo-6-Custom-Electric-Guitar.site1prod584535.product

good idea?

but now on to my more important topics:

3) first off the guitarist in my band is seriously considering buying this guitar, it has every feature he wants, were just not sure on the quality since its a bc rich, but its a pretty high end one if it matters.

here it is: http://backstage.musiciansfriend.com/Guitars/Electric-Guitars/Solid-Body-Electric-Guitars/NJ-Deluxe-Jr.-V-Electric-Guitar-Onyx.site1sku516096000643000.sku

4) and lastly, this is about my MiM tele. somethings up with it, the bridge pickup has lost pretty much all output, the neck pickup still works fine, the bridge pickup is practically dead though, any ideas as to whats up?