Currently for amp sims i'm running my PRS c24 with passive pups line into straight into the input of my M-Audio Fast Track Pro.

I've been getting a fair bit of noise doing this and i did some research (looking at stuff on here and other miscellaneous forums) and I just wanted to ask this for confirmation before i dole out any money for a D.I.

So what I've i've gathered from general consensus that to improve the quality of D.I. tracks from passive pups is to get an active D.I. box, and one of the best boxes for reamping\amp sims is the Countryman Type 85 Active D.I. Box, which i can get for $160 online.

Would I be doing the right thing by buying the "Countryman Type 85"? Would it substantially increase the quality of D.I's?

Thanks in advance,
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It should increase the quality but is the increased quality worth the $160 price tag? I mean with the little bit of noise I get off my guitar, I'm able to EQ or mix it out. I just couldn't see spending $160 that can be better spent on something else.
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Yes it will help with the quality of the D.I. , but you need to be able to take advantage of it in the mixing.

If you can afford it then grab one, but until then you should have no trouble getting a great tone from the Fast Track.