What actually controls the gain on a Marshall Vintage Modern? If I put the body and detail higher, will that simply result in more gain, or are they more of a tone shaping tool and you are supposed to use the guitar volume to control gain level. (I know that gain has to do with the amp's preamp, but what I mean is, will putting guitar volume on 10 and body and detail on 8 result in a more distorted sound than guitar volume on 10 and body and detail on 5, for example. I hope that makes sense.)

Yes, body and detail are gain knobs, but they're tone-shaping gain knobs if that makes any sense. Body controls low end and detail controls high end.
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the vintage modern is kinda interesting.

it's actually get 2 input preamps.

they are voiced differently one is the body and the other is detailed.

then they go through a valve mixer and get mixed together before the eq stage.

that being said...you're not going to get that much gain out of that amp in the preamp.
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