was stumbling online and found this. I thought it'd be interesting to read. Its a piece of prose so it could be considered songwriting.

it was so long i couldn't tell whether it was even understandable or not... he jumps between different things all together. but towards the end i feel like i sort of get what he's trying to talk about.

what do you think?

he's got a site with more so if you want the link i can send it to you

here it is:
how do you know if you're crazy?

everyday while 'sober' i see life the way it should be
an unchanging reality
yet for some reason i always think things will work out for me
that no matter what problem happens, the good will always pull through for me
and up till now it usually does
but because it always has
does that make me delusional in thinking that i'm special?
or does the world really revolve around me.
its only when i'm high from smoking weed that i see life from a completely different perspective
with thoughts that seem to nag me at every nook and cranny in the cluttered windowless office
that is my brain
'does his body language mean this?'
'did that head nod mean that?'
'he doesn't really want you to go over and play, he was just being nice.'
'she doesn't really like you and your advances are only creeping her out'
'one word replies to texts do not indicate interest'
'she rejected your invitation for coffee multiple times'
'people stare at you'
'you look like a child'
'you smell like shit'
'you smoke cigarettes'
'you fail at school'
'if you don't pick up your act nobody is going to help you'
'you're going to be homeless if you keep going down this road'

but then i have to think again and wonder
is this the product of a paranoids mind?
or is this the lone internal voice of reason that's almost died out from my transformation
into something unclean
something mean
something dirty
and unlean

a monster...

but before i end this long strand of man-made characters that when put together convey my own idea of a translation of the emotions and feelings within my brain i must say

that in the end, nobody really knows anybody else
all you touch and all you see, is all your life will every be
and in return to everyone else
all that they've seen you touch, and all that they've seen you see, is all they're really know
about you and your life
because your words can be interpreted in any fashion
we have to add the emotion foundation to them
and when we have feelings for the other people as all humans do
we tend to misjudge the emotional setting
and when the emotional base is in the wrong context
the whole conversation falls apart

i wrote this all as a stream of though in the past 10 minutes
so if you're analyzing this
any psychiatrist...

please tell me
Nothing special or strange really... my mom's has schizophrenia and some of the things shes read and said are very incoherent. It's not really something to parade around though...
seemed very well thought out. this person wasnt crazy, seems like a intellectual. Very smart indeed, like most potheads
I wouldn't say this person is suffering from a severe case of schizophrenia. Anyway, I like the Pink Floyd line.."all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be"
This is quite cool. I work with schizophrenics daily. I think it's hard for us "sane" people to really understand how isolated such people feel. If one is labeled as a schizophrenic -- even if you're on treatment and functioning well -- people still fear that label. And on top of that there's always the threat of losing touch with reality again and descending into psychosis. It must be terrible.
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if you couldn't tell if this was understandable or not then it is you who didn't understand it. I agree this seems like a well written piece, even for a free flow of conscious writing. I see myself in this writing and have pondered the same things. I think some of us just have highly active minds, and weed certainly doesn't help with the paranoid thoughts. I enjoyed the read tho, so thanks for posting it.
Nothing about this seems crazy. This seems to be a stream of consciousness from a person who has an extremely low self esteem. I recognize the line "all you touch and all you see, is all your life will every be" as one from the song Eclipse by Pink Floyd. I say you could definitely manipulate this into a song if you really wanted to.