this kinda leads me back to another question i had about an end of musical creativity(i heard a paramore song from 2005 that is almost identical to a song on the radio the artist of which im not sure), i was wondering about peoples opinions with the explosion of the internet in regards to social media(facebook, myspace all that other b.s) and youtube as well as home recording software, it has made it easier for bands to get signed and the internet gives you more places to get noticed. my question does this lend itself to giving not so good bands more exposure than they deserve. i mean lets say some college guys do some recordings in garageband and make some mgmt style songs than upload it on facebook and stuff and then as the song is catchy the head honchos at some record labels see that theyre the flavour of the month sign them and bam theyre a band. as opposed to say when bands like silverchair, muse, or the killers where you had to work for what you want. the reason i ask this is that nowdays it seems theres all these bands that crop up out of nowhere that are all of a sudden really popular that i have never heard of, especially when you log into myspace theres always some band on the frontpage that ive never heard of. before 2005 these medicre bands where seen and not heard, and if they where good than they where seen and if they had the drive instead of being fly by nighters than theyd make it and be succesful. i was discussing with a friend, we both think while the all this internet platform has made it easier for bands to make it its brought a lot of mediocrity to the top, like in the qotsa song first it giveth than it taketh away(i know that songs about drugs by the way)

apologies for this rather lengthy rant
you should take this to bands and artists forum.
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why r u dissing mgmt? they have talent. "time to pretend" was more of a joke fo them, they aren't into mainstream poppy bullshit, that song was almost a spoof of that world, kind of like the lyric in ryan adams' "this is it," "let me sing a song to you that's never been sung before." he sings that lyric while playing a song that sounds like the common alternative rock/hard rock song, with lyrics that are basically saying "wow isn't this epic?" he's making fun of posers. i suggest you listen to a full mgmt album, they're a very talented psychedelic band.
Ahh original music is dead. Whilst a completely original thought in itself this is better off in a blog.

And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.