I'm wanting to try and play the guitar solo in "Valley of the Damned" by "DragonForce" However most of it is tapping. When Itry to lower my bridge all that happens is it buzzes and even then the tapping doesn't sound good. I tried Herman Li's Egen8 and the tapping was amazing. Does something else effect it? eg. Amp or neck.

Thanks in advance
Why would you need to lower your bridge for tapping?
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I thought that having a low action made taping easier. THerefore I lowered bridge. Am I wrong?
hermans guitar has some scalloped frets, those make tapping easier/faster
Yes - low action makes tapping easier
No - you don't NEED to lower your action to tap - it sounds like it's now TOO low and that's not good either

Try tapping with your action set at your normal height. On a well setup guitar the action should be pretty much as low as it's possible to go without causing buzz
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Quote by dandyman12
So it's just how low your action is that effects how easy it is to tap?

It seems like you're picking specific words out of the replies so you can read what you want to read... Are you trying to justify buying a new guitar? A proper setup will allow you to tap easily. The lower the action, the easier, sure... But not by very much at all. If your guitar can't get the low action you prefer, then it should just need a good setup, and if it can't close enough then maybe a fret levelling, or even a new guitar. But the action for tapping shouldn't be any lower than what you're ahving it at for normal playing.
Oh right I think you guys asre misunderstanding me. I am trying to set my guitar up so it is perfect for that sort of shred etc. I am not trying to justify buying a new guitar (I really don't want to buy a new guitar). I was just trying to work out what I need to adjust etc. So would fret leveling make a lot of difference to the action? And yh I don't change the bridge everytime I want to tap. That would really not be practical.
i'd say a lot of difference is in the amp.

Quote by Leon987
hermans guitar has some scalloped frets, those make tapping easier/faster

also the scalloped frets giving you speed is Bull, it makes everything harder to play fast. about the making stuff easier i haven't tried tapping on a scalloped neck.