So I decided to cover Duality. The video cuts out at the end of the interlude, but most of the song was there. I messed up the pinch harmonics, but apart from that I'm pretty pleased with it, seeing as I learned it maybe two hours ago? Yeah, hope you guys don't hate it too much xD I would appreciate constructive criticism though
Recording quality needs alot of work. The sideways video was irritating as **** as well.
I think next time, have the actual song a bit lower... cause it's hard to tell what your guitar is doing, and what the recording is doing. So on that, I don't think I could critique your playing as much as I would like.

Your timing is great though, seems you keep time very well, so that's a plus. Good work.

If you have some time, could you check out some of my recordings?

The Cover is good dude, just need to work on your actuall method of recording your covers aha, but anyway, good job (: