I bought this guitar as new around 2001 for between £700-800. haven't seen many of these going around, especially with this finish. It has been well played and gigged on a few occasions. Despite this it is in good condition - has a few minor scuffs and marks, some discolouring on the bridge, but nothing significant.

This guitar has a floyd rose locking tremelo and nut. Pickups are two humbuckers and a single coil. The neck on this guitar is great, can be played very fast if you're that way inclined! The guitar is very light and comfortable to play.

This is a reluctant sale, but unfortunately the only way I can pay for the amp I want! I'm in Aberdeen, Scotland. I will consider posting, but would rather have this collected/delivered in person.

£400 ono

Anybody interest can email me at... gaunt_paul [AT] yahoo.co.uk

Here are some pics...

...and a link that has some more info about this guitar... http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/S570