I want to put a graphtech nut in my guitar but i use 11 gauge strings, will i have to cut the grooves anymore for this or will it be okay as it comes?
i think you may have to. Or at least wait for it to wear in. I do use 10's in mine without a problem but that seems like its pushing it a little
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You need to cut nut slots no matter what strings you use. The pre-cut slots are just there to save you from having to measure and cut perpendicular slots. I guess you could use the nut without cutting, but you're going to be very sharp on the first couple frets.
Nut files after .20 are stupidly overpriced but below that it actually does cost a lot to make them.
Go down to a hardware store and buy some 'welding torch tip cleaners'. They are somthing like $5 and they are a bunch of tiny little files in different sizes and they are perfect for fine tuning the depth and width of nut slots. They are exactly what you need.
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