Hey UG.
The summer season is getting close, and i'm thinking about buying an acoustic guitar, for the purpose of being able to play outside. Atm. i have an electric guitar, and it's not really the thing for outside play.
Ofc. i'm not only buying it for the purpose of outside playing, i really like the sound of an acoustic guitar.
But the reason i'm creating this thread is primarily because i've been thinking about an acoustic/electric, so that ill be able to connect it to an amp if needed some day.
And my question is: Will an acoustic/electric withstand the warm/hot weather in the summer, or will the electronics get damaged?

That might have something to do with the brand/model, and right now the "Washburn WD10SCE" seems the best choice for the price.

Best Regards!
There's nothing special about hot weather that would cause problems for the electronics, or the guitar itself, for that matter. Extremely high temperatures, like leaving the instrument inside a hot car on a sunny day... Might cause finish cracks or even cracks in the wood if the instrument gets too dried out.
The luthier that runs Frets.com says it's big temperature changes that are the problem... Suddenly going from cold into hot or vice-versa.
Leave the guitar in the case, and let it gradually warm up or cool off.
If you're in a very hot, dry area of the country with very low humidity, consider a humidifier.
I live in Scandinavia so the temperatures here wont be extreme. What i'm worried about is playing for hours in the sun, and was wondering if that could cause any problems.
Thanks for your answer!

Edit: What about the finish on the guitar? Could the sun discolour the guitar?
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