I've only just realised now that i need new drum heads for my drum kit, the drum heads I have at the moment are rubbish as they were from the starter kit i got, I can't describe it I dont know the terms for it but when I hit any of the toms, it's not like a sudden sound it just like echos/goes on for ages.

So what are decent drum heads for a decent price aswell??
Evans G2's, clear or coated, are great. Moongel dampening gels are also great for muffling annoying overtones on drum heads.

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Any head will do you nicely-- Attack, Remo, Aquarian, Evans (my favorite) all make great stuff, so in the end it's more about what kind of tone you like. But since Evans are my favorite, I'll +rep those.
How have you got your current heads tuned?

The Evans G2's, as suggested, are a really solid skin and are available pretty much everywhere. If you like a little friction when you're playing, or if you tend to play quite heavily and haphazardly (like myself) then you may prefer the coated version as they offer a little more 'stick' and feel.

The Remo Pinstripe models are quite cool as well. I've always had a solid experience using them. They look quite sharpish, too, obviously - not that that matters greatly. The Ambassador is quite popular as a snare skin while the Pinstripe models are generally used - by myself included - for the toms.

Aquarian make an awesome kick drum head called the Super-Kick.
Never tried Evans so I can't say anything.

I use Remo Clear Emperors on the toms of my maple kit and a Powerstroke 3 for my kick. But that's for the maple kit.

My cheaper kit, I use Remo Pinstripes... They're solid, especially with some Moongel
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18"x22" Bass Drum- REMO Powerstroke 3 (With Flam Slam)
9"x12" Tom Tom- REMO Pinstripe (Clear)
10"x13" Tom Tom- REMO Pinstripe (Clear)
16"x16" Floor Tom- REMO Pinstripe (Clear)
5.5"x14" Snare Drum- REMO Coated Ambassador
Good to see the Remo guys coming out of the woodwork...I'm a Remo fan m'self.

I use Coated Emperors on toms, Clear Powerstroke 3 on bass (most of time, sometimes I find myself using Coated Emperor also on the bass), and Evans Genera Dry for the snare. Not a big Evans fan, but I've tried about all the Remo snare heads, and so far the Evans G. Dry was the only one that got close enough to the sound I wanted.